What We’ve Done for Exchanges and Projects

Listings, IEOs, Research


  • Research on projects
  • Thousands of project and Exchange contacts
  • Connecting a project with the right Exchange for IEOs and listings


  • Experienced working with projects and Exchanges for the IEO process
  • Connect projects to the right Exchange


  • Research team with 15 years of research skills
  • Proprietary research system that rates projects and exchanges, monitors social signals and provides unique insights for Exchange businesses

Performance Marketing

Case Study: CoinAds Ad Network Vs. Google


We have lower $CPA costs and better performance vs. Google Ads, lowering the $CPA each month by approx. 5% to 10%


We run the ONLY cryptocurrency keyword search network available, on secondary search engines and traffic sources outside of google and main networks. Better results, lower cost, no rules against ICO’s and cryptocurrency

Support, Social Share, Branders

Social Marketing and Support

Monitor multiple social outlets to respond, promote and defend your brand.

  • 1

    Option 1: Branders and social channels

    We manage thousands of aged social accounts across Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

  • 2

    Option 2: Manage your own branded “official” social media channels

    Our high quality team can seamlessly integrate into your brand monitoring, also following your teams’ rules for how we monitor and engage, and when we need to get you involved.

Social Resources and Reach


Researchers and analysts


Number of programmers


Social media marketers


Support agents

Sphere of Influence


Facebook groups

40 000+

Telegram groups

2 000+

Twitter accounts

5 million+

Email lists of active crypto users


Number of influencers contacts

15 million+

Facebook users

20 million+

Telegram users

3 million+

Twitter users

4 million+

Active exchange users

1 billion+

Monthly impressions

User Acquisition Viral Telegram Campaigns

User visits bot
User signs up
on Exchange
User follows
social channels
and invites friends
User gets their
reward tokens
on the Exchange
Telegram action: Join @Exchange and @Project
Twitter action: Follow @Project and @Exchange
Exchange: Sign-up to {EXCHANGE NAME} to receive your rewards

Case Study: TEST BOT

We also show you our TEST Bot so you can walk through the steps in a simulation environment!

Ongoing telegram bot example:

Check Live Example

Market Making

We provide market making services for Exchanges and projects.

We can offer a special price of $3500 for clients per pair, with a minimum of 5 pairs needed to connect our market making bot to the Exchange.