is a leading crypto acquisition network + digital marketing agency that helps projects and exchanges acquire new users.

  • Our team has 20+ years of tech and ad tech experience.
  • With CoinAds, your platform can attract customers, users, traders and investors.
  • Proven success with companies like Guardian Circle, KuCoin and EOS Lynx.
  • Powered by the same technology that fueled KuCoin’s rapid growth.

Management Team

Bruce Kurtz

COO/Head of Partnerships

Thomas O'Leary

Head of Social Media

Fabian van Doesburg


What Does it Mean
to be “Powered by 8-BIT Technology”?

  • What Does it Mean to be “Powered by 8-BIT Technology”?
  • 8-BIT technology fueled KuCoin’s rapid growth from 0 to five million users.
  • Late last year, 8-BIT invested in the CoinAds agency, providing CoinAds with the full power of 8-BIT’s technology to help projects and exchanges around the world to be successful.